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Make Gravy. Not War!


My house was built in 1773, before the United States of America even existed.  It was built by hand, by men, who most likely could not even read.  The foundation was cut from the ridge directly across the street, (we have affectionately named that spot, foundation hill).

This house has stood through the formation of this nation.  Through wars, revolutionary and civil; wars of the world (two times).  Wars that were cold and some that were fought in jungles and in deserts so very  far away that the people who built this house could not have even contemplated.

Our house has stood through hurricanes, and blizzards, and house fires and floods.  This house has stood its’ ground gracefully and sternly for almost 250 years, so when Thanksgiving rolls around it is where my family congregates.  To give thanks mostly.  Thanks for everyone being there another year, for health and good fortune, and for those of us who live in this house-  that this house still stands.