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Make Gravy. Not War!


My house was built in 1773, before the United States of America even existed.  It was built by hand, by men, who most likely could not even read.  The foundation was cut from the ridge directly across the street, (we have affectionately named that spot, foundation hill).

This house has stood through the formation of this nation.  Through wars, revolutionary and civil; wars of the world (two times).  Wars that were cold and some that were fought in jungles and in deserts so very  far away that the people who built this house could not have even contemplated.

Our house has stood through hurricanes, and blizzards, and house fires and floods.  This house has stood its’ ground gracefully and sternly for almost 250 years, so when Thanksgiving rolls around it is where my family congregates.  To give thanks mostly.  Thanks for everyone being there another year, for health and good fortune, and for those of us who live in this house-  that this house still stands.

Good People I Know: Saint Adam


A new series dedicated to real people. Not rock stars or other luminaries, just real, good people. Good People I know will be an ongoing series. Made as I meet good people. Saint Adam is the first in this series. Hand carved and hand printed linoleum block print. Signed and numbered edition of 30 of which 20 are available, the remainder will be given to the good person i know to do with what he/she wishes. Print measures 10.5 x 11 inches and is printed on 100lb French Starch white paper.  Now Available in my shop:

PHish Summer Tour Posters Now Available. Phrump is coming!


Believe it or not Phrump could be your next president.  Why is that you ask?  Because the evil Wilson has put Phillary (who is she?) up against him, and Bernie, I mean Rutherford the Brave has been put out to pasture.  Beware of the Phrump.  Now available in my shop:

Bridges NOT WALLS: Phish Riverbend Music Center 2/20/2000 Cincinnati, Ohio Linocut Poster


Another commissioned piece.  Really enjoyed this  one.  Make to look like an old time postage stamp.  Features a highly detailed rendering of the Roebling Suspension Bridge, built by John  A. Roebling.  This bridge spans the Ohio river between Cincinnati, Ohio and Covington, Kentucky.  When it open in 1866 it was the longest suspension bridge in the world.  It also served as the model for the Brooklyn Bridge also built by Roebling.  Limited supplies are available in my shop:

Ghosts of Christmas Past…Past Season Holiday Cards

marcs-iphone-dump-12-2015-1318One of my favorite reoccurring projects is: the holiday card.  What started out several years ago as 30 or so cards to family and friends has mushroomed into several hundred cards in between person cards, cards to customers (i like to send a card to every person who has bought something from me over the year). and cards ordered it keeps me pretty busy.  Above is a sample of past cards.  This years will be out soon!

Foil, not just for leftovers anymore.

11059893_10206266391512949_8616375390457957994_n 11225360_10206279288515366_283248688833188442_n 12105985_10206278173847500_4362768674923935605_nI am always looking for something new to print on.  This week:  Foil Paper.  Lets just say its been a challenge.  Special precautions have been taken, the foil paper is so sensitive and desperately wants your finger prints all over it.  For the first time ever I am printing whilst wearing surgical gloves.  That’s a lot of sweaty hand action.  The room for error when block printing is high, foil adds an entire new dimension to that aspect.  A few linocut guys told me I am insane for even trying to block print on foil, yes maybe.  My best friend, used to look at me wild eyed when we were younger and say “If you don’t know the rules of physics- they don’t apply to you!”  That has been my mantra.  Hey, if you like the foils…buy em…I am not sure I will ever attempt foil printing again.  Time for me to change my gloves…  To purchase: