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Foil, not just for leftovers anymore.

11059893_10206266391512949_8616375390457957994_n 11225360_10206279288515366_283248688833188442_n 12105985_10206278173847500_4362768674923935605_nI am always looking for something new to print on.  This week:  Foil Paper.  Lets just say its been a challenge.  Special precautions have been taken, the foil paper is so sensitive and desperately wants your finger prints all over it.  For the first time ever I am printing whilst wearing surgical gloves.  That’s a lot of sweaty hand action.  The room for error when block printing is high, foil adds an entire new dimension to that aspect.  A few linocut guys told me I am insane for even trying to block print on foil, yes maybe.  My best friend, used to look at me wild eyed when we were younger and say “If you don’t know the rules of physics- they don’t apply to you!”  That has been my mantra.  Hey, if you like the foils…buy em…I am not sure I will ever attempt foil printing again.  Time for me to change my gloves…  To purchase: