Stand With Standing Rock!

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Screen Print/Block Print in Support of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and their fight against the Dakota Access Pipe Line. I collaborated with Artist and Screen Printer, Wayne Allen (, who developed the concept and printed the gorgeous metallic background(s). He then sent them up to me and I added my own ideas and cut and block printed the image and text. Print Measures 11 x 14 and is signed by both artists.  Print edition Red:  x/10  Blue x/30.

This print is available for the price of shipping AFTER a donation is made at:

Purchase print here:

Donate whatever you can monetarily. I don’t need to know how much you donated. You are on your honor. Beyond donating money.  Please keep this issue in your heart.  Pray for the protestors.  Call the President or your Congressman.  Talk to your family about this issue.  Stand up!  Stand With!

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