Transferring An Image Onto A Block

Hawaiian Quilt Print. 1/1. Image Size: 15 x 15 (18 x 18 framed). Printed on Hand Made (by marc) Paper. Constructed of nearly 100% Recycle Materials. The paper was formerly legal documents. The frame was formerly peices of my house, The deacon Evelyn Blakeslee House, c1773. The only new materials used were 8 nails and the ink.

Transferring an image onto a block is not as complicated as it might sound.  There are many ways to accomplish this.  You can draw directly on the block, you can project the image onto the block,  or you can simply trace your image onto the block.  For this project I photocopied a quilted pillow case my wife picked up in Kauai this past winter.  Many people use carbon paper to transfer the image to the block.  No carbon paper, no problem:  covering the back of the image you want to trace with pencil will also make it fairly easy to transfer the image.  Tape the image and carbon paper (if you are using it) to the block and use a pencil or fine point pen and trace over the image, applying a fair amount of pressure.  Remove the image and the carbon paper if used.  Cut. Print.

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