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Good People I Know: Saint Adam


A new series dedicated to real people. Not rock stars or other luminaries, just real, good people. Good People I know will be an ongoing series. Made as I meet good people. Saint Adam is the first in this series. Hand carved and hand printed linoleum block print. Signed and numbered edition of 30 of which 20 are available, the remainder will be given to the good person i know to do with what he/she wishes. Print measures 10.5 x 11 inches and is printed on 100lb French Starch white paper.  Now Available in my shop:

PHish Summer Tour Posters Now Available. Phrump is coming!


Believe it or not Phrump could be your next president.  Why is that you ask?  Because the evil Wilson has put Phillary (who is she?) up against him, and Bernie, I mean Rutherford the Brave has been put out to pasture.  Beware of the Phrump.  Now available in my shop:

Durham “Unfair”

Since I was a child, I’d attend the Durham fair.  The Durham Fair is a few towns over and is one of the finest agrarian fairs in the Nutmeg State.  With that being said, back in 2013 the fair association decided to host and “elephant encounter.”  These encounters are terribly cruel and abusive towards these magestic creatures, who have been ripped away from their family units and forced to perform for the rest of their lives.  A group organized and I created this image for their use.  The fair never did that again!

Bridges NOT WALLS: Phish Riverbend Music Center 2/20/2000 Cincinnati, Ohio Linocut Poster


Another commissioned piece.  Really enjoyed this  one.  Make to look like an old time postage stamp.  Features a highly detailed rendering of the Roebling Suspension Bridge, built by John  A. Roebling.  This bridge spans the Ohio river between Cincinnati, Ohio and Covington, Kentucky.  When it open in 1866 it was the longest suspension bridge in the world.  It also served as the model for the Brooklyn Bridge also built by Roebling.  Limited supplies are available in my shop: